What We Do

Sales - Marketing - Training - Leadership

A Focus on Execution

  • Training sales forces to ENGAGE CUSTOMERS and change beliefs about
    our clients’ products
  • Evolving marketing messages into strategic sales messages that RESONATE STRONGLY with HCPs
  • Preparing organizations/sales forces to launch successfully the FIRST TIME
  • Developing Player/Coaches to model what GREAT EXECUTION looks like and how to coach for sustained, improved performance

Customer Engagement Experts

CommEx Trainers are experts at building and training Customer Engagement Frameworks whether traditional selling models, Challenger, or hybrids

Launch Readiness

  • Sales force readiness including Structure, Commercial Operations, Incentive Compensation, promotional budgeting, etc.
  • Assist in sales force expansion with candidate screening or extra set of experienced eyes in interviews

Leadership Development

  • Coaching for Improved Performance
  • Developing a Performance Culture

Global Presence

CommEx possesses active Training/ Facilitation Partnerships throughout the world to provide true global training via experienced, country-based trainers/facilitators, enhancing training acceptance and success.

CommEx’s En Fuego Micro-Burst Learning iPad App

Inspire more productive HCP interactions by elevating sales force Knowledge and Confidence

Increase product knowledge and retention without impacting field productivity through frequent web-based “MICRO-BURST” delivered questions

Enhanced knowledge improves sales representative confidence resulting in more productive HCP discussions, leading to faster and greater changes in HCP prescribing behavior

Generate excitement and drive performance through individual and team gamification with the option of customizable En Fuego Reward Menus

Real-time training performance provides management insight to potential learning opportunities and where to prioritize training

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