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CommEx is proud to be partnering with the Blanchard Channel Partner Network to provide the highest-quality and most-impactful leadership training for our clients.

The Blanchard Partner Network is a vibrant community of partners who have made the choice to add Blanchard’s world class and proven programs to their own offerings while being dedicated to making a leadership difference.

SLII® Experience

Many organizations struggle with developing their managers to be the best they can be. SLII teaches managers how to develop the skills and language to become situational leaders. When people get what they need when they need it, your organization will experience higher performance and work passion. The SLII Experience is a one- or two-day session with face to face and virtual modalities

SLII Concepts

SLII Concepts introduces you to the theory of SLII in an engaging and informative way. The new training design is fast-paced, content rich, and provides a meaningful overview of SLII concepts for general awareness or as an introduction to SLII ahead of a more extensive learning experience. SLII Concepts is designed to be used in a 3-4-hour format

Leading Virtually

Leaders today increasingly operate in an environment in which they rarely see the individuals they lead, and they struggle to use leadership skills required without face-to-face contact. With so many leaders managing team members working in different locations, there is an ever-increasing need for people who don’t see each other frequently to figure out how to work better together. Leading Virtually focuses on helping participants make the shift from leading face-to-face to leading remotely

Leading People Through Change

Change initiatives often fail because managers aren’t equipped to navigate them successfully. Our Leading People Through Change program teaches managers how to lead successful change efforts by understanding the predictable stages of concern and addressing each effectively

Leading Teams Virtually

Leaders increasingly operate in an environment in which they rarely see the teams they lead, and they struggle to use the leadership skills required without face-to-face contact to keep teams on track and performing well. With so many leaders managing teams who are dispersed in different locations, there is an ever-increasing need for people who don’t see each other frequently to figure out how to work as a Team better together.


Performance at organizations is often stalled because employees don’t know how to ask for what they need when they need it. Our Self Leadership program teaches individuals the mindset and skillset to proactively take the reins, achieve their goals, and accelerate their development

First Time Manager

Most new managers are promoted before they have the skills to be an effective manager. Our First-time Manager program teaches the mindset, core conversations, and communication skills needed to step into their new role equipped for success, so their direct reports are engaged and productive from the start

Team Leadership

Many teams often fail to accomplish their goals due to ineffective leadership. Our Team Leadership program teaches team leaders how to provide clarity, manage conflict, and build trust in order to successfully grow, breakthrough barriers, and sustain high-performance teams

Building Trust

Trust is at the heart of every relationship, and it’s especially critical in the workplace. When people don’t trust who they work with, or don’t trust their leader, morale suffers, and productivity is hindered. Our Building Trust program teaches employees at all levels how to build trust to increase engagement, creativity, and commitment to the organization

Legendary Service

Every company knows that great service is paramount to organizational success, yet few have a proven plan to build a customer service culture. Our Legendary Service program provides a systematic approach to customer service that enables your workforce to consistently deliver ideal service that keeps customers coming back

Coaching Essentials

Many managers don’t understand how critical coaching is for development, growth, and a proactive work environment. Our Coaching Essentials program teaches managers how to use coach-like behaviors so that their people become more self-reliant and effective, and the company performs better overall

Optimal Motivation

Most managers don’t understand how motivation works and how it can be worked with. We teach managers how to activate higher levels of motivation to increase engagement in the workforce and accelerate business performance

Coaching Services

Blanchard’s certified coaches work one on one with your executives, managers, and team members to reinforce training programs or to provide additional support in the areas of leadership development, relationship building, problem solving, and strengthening management skills

Discovering Self and Others

A one-day classroom experience, DISCovering Self and Others is structured to help participants learn to identify and understand their own behavior patterns (DISCovering Self) and to identify and better respond to others’ behavior patterns (DISCovering Others). Participants are provided with skill-building and practice opportunities to learn how to effectively communicate with those they work and interact with. This practical, hands-on workshop develops useful skills that can be readily transferred to the job

Team Performance Concepts

A simple and practical program that introduces learners to the key concepts for building and sustaining effective, high performance teams. Team Performance Concepts is based on several research-based models and strategies, including the Team Performance Process, a systematic method for increasing effectiveness in any team. Participants will build awareness, Practice skill-building in diagnosing the stages of team development and use appropriate leader behaviors.

Challenging Conversations

Challenging Conversations covers all the most challenging, intense, and emotionally charged types of conversations. Using a flexible five-step model, participants use work examples to practice new skills and have ample time for personal reflection on issues they face in their daily lives. These include speaking up without alienating the other person and being able to listen even if you are triggered by what you hear


The premise for this half-day listening program is that listening is a proactive and interactive involvement with another person’s ideas and feelings. It entails the use of specific verbal and nonverbal behaviors, which leaves both people with a fi rm sense that the words spoken were accurately communicated

Giving Feedback

Blanchard’s Giving Feedback model is unique in that it uses a behavioral approach to teach participants how to deliver four specific types of feedback. The focus is on how leaders stay in touch with the performance of the people they are leading so they can provide information that will help the people improve their performance

Digital and Self-Paced Asynchronous Online Programs

SLII Online

SLII online allows your managers to learn the essentials of becoming a situational leader as they work through eight engaging modules with more than 60 activities

Self-Leadership Online

Self Leadership online is the companion to SLII®, with seven interactive modules to teach your individual contributors how to ask for the support and direction they need

Building Trust Online

We offer a 35-minute online overview of Building Trust that covers the core concepts required to build and maintain trusting relationships

Communication Essentials

35-minute online overview around 4 core communication skills designed to help leaders improve communication with those they lead and manage

SLII Online Overview

Short microlearning activities designed to provide quick on demand lessons and overviews of SLII®

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